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What is Freedom?


July presents itself as the perfect month to talk about a subject that, in many ways, defines America: Freedom.  What it is and what it looks like for different cultures in this country varies widely.  Is it what the constitution says it is?  How about the Bill of Rights or any of the amendments made to the constitution over the years?

For a nation that professes to trust God, I would think that our definition of freedom would be biblical so, let's start our query there.

When I put the question of biblical freedom  to, several articles came up. One common theme shown through: Christian freedom calls for a very circumspect way of life where love for Christ and His commandments and love for one another should rule our behavior.  Living to a higher standard isn’t meant to be legalistic but uplifting, not only to us as individual Christ followers but also to the Christian community at large.  Christian Freedom encompasses knowledge about what constitutes sin. 

I think that bears repeating.  

Acting within the confines of freedom means acting with a knowledge of what could bind you back to a sinful life.  For some of us, that has yet to be fully understood as we continue our sanctification process.  But it does require minute by minute decision making about every aspect of our lives.  The right way for Christians to live free is now guided by Holy Spirit.  The closer we walk with Him, the less likely we are to return to our shackled former lives.    

I think back to 2001, when I’d asked God the Father for forgiveness for my abortion.  In the context of my healing, I knew I was instantly forgiven but I didn’t know I wasn’t yet  free.  Looking back now, I liken it to choosing to remain in an open jail cell.  I had no idea what freedom in Christ was at that point because I hadn’t recognized the cage I was still in.  

The abortion put me in manacles and behind bars.  I couldn’t have told you that back then but that is what happened.  God released the chains and opened the prison door in 2001 but, I didn’t walk out into freedom.

My  lack of freedom became clear once I realized I couldn’t say the word abortion or tell anyone about what I’d been through or think about my child or call myself a mother or…. I think you get the idea.  

I had been granted a pardon but I did not know how to accept  this new way of life.  It wasn’t until I met some truly free women who were willing to come by my jail cell and offer me a hand and God’s Word that I experienced freedom.

Whatever has you bound my Sister or Brother, may this be the day I walk past your cell to offer my hand in love and the Word of God in truth to help set you free.  Contact me at: to find out how to get out of jail, get off paper and live in freedom. Read more about Christian Freedom at: and watch the YouTube video.

Here’s to a new free you!   Sylvia

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