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Travel With Purpose

The Lord and I have an agreement: I can travel but, my journey must have a purpose and that is to be about His business of spreading the Gospel message in word and deed. There aren't enough words that have come yet to describe our blessed trip to Italy, Greece and Turkey but I will say that the Lord provided many many ways for us to share our Joy in Him with others on a daily basis.

I will be forever grateful especially for the chance to spend time with crew members on board our ship. Their sacrifices for their family were tremendous and touched us deeply. Of all of the wonderful things my eyes got to see, their faces will be what I will most cherish.

Here's to you: Jenny, Monica, Bill, Sharon, Joyce, Firman, Wiwid, Gabryall, Robbie, Rahab, Maria, Jefferson, Annick, Tanuja, Najila, Jorge and Audrey. Big ups to you all and God bless your "Next".

Pictures, they say, are worth a thousand words. So, I will allow a few photos from our recent trip to Rome, Greece and Turkey tell a portion of our tale.

But know that what I still cannot convey-what words or photos may never fully express- is my deep deep gratitude at being able to take this two week journey.

My husband and I had our eyes and hearts opened in ways we could not have anticipated although we'd both dreamed about this trip for quite some time. These photos won't express our emotions at seeing the Colosseum where scores of Christian martyrs died.

Or being in Vatican City where so many pilgrims from all over the world could be found.

We can't adequately describe touring the last resting place of Mary, Mother of our Lord and Savior and drinking from a spring where her water was drawn. Or being able to stand in the arena in Ephesus (Kusadasi) Turkey where the Apostle Paul helped to deposit the Gospel in Asia and was shouted down for two hours by those who opposed him.

The eerie feeling at being in the foothills of Mount Vesuvius at ground zero where the cleansing fires of Pompeii occurred.

It's been two weeks and I still cannot find words.

So, please take just a moment to imagine yourself an ocean and a couple of seas away on the prettiest Spring day you've ever experienced. Fill your eyes with the riot of colors, scents and sounds of foreign lands.

Marvel at the ancient ruins before you and take in our journey, Be as grateful as we were for being able to interact with the most professional young people from literally every corner of the world. Have your heart melt as mine did when one young waiter tells you that the note you wrote him was the first letter anyone had ever written him (try not to cry in front of him!). Do your best to appreciate the mission field God allowed you to travel to.

Nope, neither words nor pictures will ever tell it all. All that I can do is pray that you get to experience it for yourself.

Much love and many blessings, Sylvia

Song: "Relate" by King and Country

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Wrap Around Love
Wrap Around Love
Jun 11, 2023

You described the grateful faces of the staff well!


Jun 11, 2023

And the Lord said: Remember me, by collecting 12 stones from the middle of the Jordan River … as I gave you safe passage when you entered the promised land on dry grounds, because the ark of the covenant carried by the priests into the river moved the waters to the left and right so you can travel freely into the land I have shown you flowing with milk & honey( Joshua 3-4) .

Through baptism in the New Testament, the Jordan River is associated with crossing over into a new life of spiritual freedom (Mark 1:9).

Arise Daughter has crossed over large bodies of water on a large vessel 🚢…to see and know the infinite power and wisdom of…

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