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The Power of Connection

As I write this, I stand AMAZED at how God places us where we can lock arms with others in the harvest. Today, Arise Daughter added a new working Member to the crew, Ms. Arlene Alicea!! She is a GIFTED woman of God having been in the healing harvest field for awhile. She and I will be helping to connect women who are suffering mightily from the pain of abortion to healing services; I am HONORED to work alongside her. And in God's PERFECT timing, He linked me up today with, a post-abortion healing ministry that operates 24/7, staffed with counselors who are also post-abortive and trained to assist with Post Abortion Stress Syndrome (PASS), recognizing signs of depression and other common symptoms of stress and trauma. Whew! And all of that happened before noon! The equipping is continuing. The links are building. Keep praying please! I count each of you who receive this blog as prayer warriors for the Kingdom. Much love!

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