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Just The Facts.

One would think, that in a nation full of well spoken, affluent and intelligent women that they could boast about receiving the worlds best health care solely devoted to women.

Far from it.

Women from all over the country have horror story after horror story about their Planned Parenthood or abortion clinic experiences. Not only that, many women, if they are blessed to carry their child to term, describe their prenatal, birth and post-partum care as close to abysmal, especially women of color in urban centers.

Right here in this country, women are being lied to and told half truths about abortion and child-birth. For example, not one abortion clinic shows detailed videos about surgical abortion "procedures" or gives materials outlining the full scope of the potential negative impacts from chemical abortions.

None of them accurately describe exactly what women can expect in terms of post-partum mood alterations after their abortions and why that is especially dangerous for women who have pre-existing mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression.

Some providers encourage women who have adverse outcomes from the chemical abortion, such as severe bleeding or retained placenta, to lie to the Emergency Department physicians saying they are experiencing "miscarriage. "

Not one clinic gives out information about abortion pill reversal to potentially save their baby's life if they change their mind. (yes, that is a thing).

So, what women, well-spoken, intelligent women, are left with are half-truths at best and outright lies at worst. In truth, their "choice" is built upon lies.

X this: "American Women Deserve Better"

Better information, better outcomes, better follow-up, better opportunities to parent, just BETTER.

How long are we going to put up with sub-standard women's health care?

Many of the women who are clients of abortion clinics, are discouraged from hearing their babies heartbeat or from seeing their child on ultrasound. A copy, if requested, is provided for a fee (ultrasounds are not free at abortion clinics-but, they are at Pregnancy Resource Centers.)

None of the women who are clients at abortion clinics, are offered assistance to parent their child (even though "Parenthood is in the name") nor are they given the full scope of resources (like the number and address to their local Pregnancy Resource Clinic) to help with material and financial assistance, parenting classes and emotional support.

Here are just a couple of links to important articles about the current state of women's health care: "The Case Against the Abortion Pill"

The only way this pitiful excuse for care stops from being our current and future reality is if each able minded woman demands better health care for themselves, their daughters, sisters, mothers, etc. Without us exercising our voice for more comprehensive, woman centered health care, we are only left with false "choice."

Many blessings! Sylvia.

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