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Does Social Media Matter?

Social Media Matters!

Recently, I was blessed to have one of our very beautiful and simple Instagram posts "stitched" by a mentee and posted on her page. (I must say that I'm happy to even know what a social media "stitch" is so, there's that!!).

Why did that feel like such a big deal? Well, first of all, even though I post to social media regularly, our audience tends to be older women; and I am so grateful for their attention and comments and shares. But this time, a young mom reused our post with her face next to it which, to Gen Z says, "I can relate and support your message." I later learned that her "stitch" generated questions from her peers about what abortion healing is and how it happens.

Imagine that! Even young women, with everything that's available to them out there on social media, do not know that they can receive healing from the trauma of their abortion.

So, the blessing is that awareness increases when we share our testimony, our healing journey and our social media posts. I am grateful for each "heart", "comment" and "share" that our posts receive because we want to catch the attention of younger women who are being lied to about abortion and it's aftermath.

And we ESPECIALLY want them to know that we see their pain and we are prepared to meet them where they are and walk with them into a better place.

What does this abortion healing transition look like? Honestly, it is profound! I get to watch Holy Spirit transform young women from suicidal to hopeful; from numb to angry to forgiving; from bouts of crying to songs of joy; from fear of the Lord's wrath to deeply believing the loving promises of God; from suffering and sadness to contemplative joy and from agonizing doubt to absolute certainty about where their children are now.

The journey isn't always linear and it certainly is not easy but, the sweet place God wants to take women and men in pain is worth every agonizing step.

Please, share our posts on TikTok: @arisedaughter3' and Facebook and Instagram: @arisedaughterfl and spread information, beauty and the gospel of healing and reconciliation with your peers.

Many blessings! Sylvia

Song: "God Only Knows" by For King and Country

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