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April is Abortion Awareness Recovery Month

Updated: Apr 16

When God showed me how I was to use my abortion story of sin, repentance, and reconciliation to help others heal, I knew then that would mean I would have to tell others my story in a very public way.

I am discovering that if people do not know that they can be healed from abortion trauma then they may never find out just how wide and deep and high God's love is for them!

Part of the journey towards healing often involves hearing the stories of others who have been where you are now. There is a measure of courage that is built up when you find out that you are NOT alone in your feelings about the tragic loss of your child and that you too may have a story to tell others.

So, please, watch my story and accept it as a testament to the radical love God has for me (and you!) and any one else who regrets their abortion(s).

Abortion healing can feel scary at first but once you feel the support of peers who truly understand what you've been through, it becomes clear that healing is possible.

Abortion recovery can take the form of a self-guided or leader facilitated course or a weekend retreat. Healing may take more than one format-in fact, many of us have been through several different healing classes as God continues to work on our "renewed" hearts.

Once you've seen my testimony, please consider contacting us by email at: for more information about healing classes. You can also visit our main website at: and for more information and to see the "new thing" God is doing through our healing.

Many blessings and much love, Sylvia

Song: "Still, I Rise" by Yolanda Adams

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