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Update: MAIDI's New Home!

Thanks to the generous donations thus far, our partner in Hoima, Uganda, MAIDI now has a permanent home!

When I tell you that God was directing and guiding the finding of the partially finished home, the negotiations to secure a reasonable price, funds transfer from country to country and final purchase of this home, I would only be telling part of the nearly miraculous story of how our faithful Father worked it all out! In His timing and by His direction, Ms. Mbabazi Violet, Founder of MAIDI, her Board of Directors and her team brought it all together. And now they have a secure place for an office, education/counseling space and safe house for young women who have been victims of sexual violence.

The home purchase was Phase One.

MAIDI has a new home! Ms. Mbabazi (in blue) and staff. Day of purchase, Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Phase 2: Fit and Finish

What comes next will not be a surprise to anyone who has had a new home built. Phase Two will involve the equipping of the home with electricity, fixtures, drywalling a couple of interior walls and a simple well dug as the water source. Although it has gotten a great start, the interior of the home will need to be made functional and beautiful. Electricity will need to be run to the home from the street and a well will have to be dug to secure potable water.

Electricity and water are the next most important and necessary steps to make the home workable for staff and clients.

Cost for electricity: to erect poles, run lines from the street, place meters outside and install lines, outlets and switches inside will be about $1300 U.S. dollars.

The ministry team will continue doing what they do from a rented space and that is: to provide help for those victims of sexual violence who are most afraid and in need. This home is a means to their ministry but not the end point of the ministry; their rented space will sustain them for now.

Tweet this: Our Kingdom work is bigger than buildings.

Mr. Mark is an electrician surveying the site. August 5, 2023

Phase 3: Material equipping and Maintenance

MAIDI works with a volunteer staff and Board. That said, it will require modest sums to procure simple office equipment, pay electricity monthly and support trainings. So, sustaining donors will be important to the overall working of the ministry. No one is in this ministry for material gain. As with the majority of ministry work around the world, the object is to advance the Kingdom of God using every available resource. The shorter time they have to rent space, the more resources that will be available to go into ministry work.

Tweet this: Nothing is wasted in the Kingdom of God.

Phase now: Doing What You Can

Arise Daughter and Arise Artists is soooo blessed to be connected to God, His abundance, and so many God-driven individuals and ministries that only seek to further His Kingdom of healing and reconciliation. And because of that, we have never ever worried that a request or petition we place before God will go unfilled. Arise Daughter does not require a budget to operate-thankfully all of our needs are met! But, we know that some ministries do. MAIDI is simply one that we have been directed by Holy Spirit to support; I pray it is one that you might consider supporting as well for as little as $5.00 per month. (Nope, that wasn't a typo) Of course, 100% of whatever you contribute will go directly to MAIDI-we will even cover the international transfer fees.

I myself was the victim of date rape so, this ministry speaks to my past and therefore, my heart; I am aware that some of you reading this may share my history. As you pray about the MAIDI ministry-one that secures healing for young women severely traumatized by sexual violence-ask God for an answer about supporting MAIDI or a ministry like it.

If you feel led to contribute to Phases Two and Three of MAIDI's growth as I've outlined, please do not hesitate to contact me at for more information. If your mind is already made up-like, it's a "no-brainer", then, you can go directly to our website: look for the "Give" button, and donate post-haste.

Our deadline to complete funding for Phases Two and Three is September 25th.

Together we can build a bridge and secure a future for girls who have felt hopeless as I once did. Many blessings and much love to you this week as you keep this important initiative lifted up in prayer! Sylvia

Song: Graves Into Gardens ft. Brandon Lake and Elevation Music; Deliver Me (This is My Exodus) ft. Le'Andria Johnson and Donald Lawrence

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