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Why Does This Hurt So Bad?

In recognition of Abortion Recovery Awareness Month, I wanted to share what a few years of working with women who have been through both pill and surgical abortions has taught me: abortion is HELL and it is NOT normal for a mother to intentionally end the life of her child(ren).

I can remember bits and pieces of my own abortion (which was surgical) from over 40 years ago now and not one of those memories was pleasant. My abortion involved a team of at least eight people at a physical clinic in Ann Arbor, Michigan who helped me orchestrate the "procedure." And even though I thought the abortion was what was best for me at the time that does not negate the fact that I was lied to, drugged and dismissed to figure out the physical and emotional fallout from the loss of my child on my own.

Did I aspire to this as a little girl? No. Did I understand all of the potential ramifications of my decision at 19? No. And yet I had the legal right to end a life without being fully informed.

Believe me, I am not excusing, simply describing.

But I am emphasizing the joint conspiracy I was involved in that differs widely from the modern abortion experience.

In over half of the abortions cases in this country now, today's women are basically acting as their own abortionists. The means and access to the chemical abortion regimen is a matter of having an electronic means of transferring money and an address to receive the drugs in the mail. The teenager does not have to know how far along she is in her pregnancy which greatly affects the efficacy of the abortion chemicals, nor can she determine if her pregnancy is ectopic which would be a life threatening reason not to take the pills. She cannot self-diagnose her Rh status which might affect future pregnancies. She cannot predict when she will give birth nor what she will see when she does. If she goes to the hospital because of excessive nausea, vomiting, bleeding or life threatening infection, she will most likely tell the emergency department that she has had a miscarriage. She will have no physical place to return to for a follow-up visit. She will wonder if the bouts of uncontrollable crying, fits of anger, desire to numb with substances or relationships has anything to do with her abortion (pro-abortion advocates will tell her she has no reason to feel anything but joy about taking a life). She will be puzzled at the feelings of rage toward the father of the baby. And if she has been determined to suffer from anxiety or depression prior to the abortion, she will most certainly wonder why her anxiety is now at an all time high and why thoughts of suicide have ramped up.

There are plenty of shadow players in the DIY abortion mill. They are hard to identify and even harder to hold accountable when the abortion goes sideways. Who do you call when you have questions if you've taken the first pill but change your mind about the other four?

Where do you go for an ultrasound to confirm the age of the baby or if the abortion was complete? (Your local Pregnancy Resource Center if you are still pregnannt with a living baby. Go to the emergency department if you have already passed the baby and tell them what really happened).

If we think the health care system is already taxed, how can we best help women who only enter it through emergency services? Emergency departments and maternity wards are closing around the country. But so are abortion clinics.

We are entering into a strange new world and NONE OF US ARE PREPARED. But what we cannot do is continue to brand this dystopian new world as "normal." Know that God will not be mocked when it comes to child sacrifice."

X this: "As a society, we should want better for our teenaged daughters then for them to be their own abortionists."

At the end of the day, if you recognize that what you are going through after your abortion is more than you can handle, know that there are resources available to assist you. Some are 24/7 like the Suicide Prevention Hotline: talk or text: 988 or

Arise Daughter is also here to hear you. Visit us at through our chatbox or email us directly at:

I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments and insights. Feel free to email me at: and I'll get back with you.

Many blessings! Sylvia

Song: Nothing But The Blood of Jesus by Carrie Underwood

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1 Comment

Thinking over Five Lies of our Christian Age by Rosaria Butterfield, I’m wondering what those lies would be around abortion. Ha! There are 50!

This blog exposes them well.

Thank you!

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