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Our FIRST Zoom Refresh Meeting!

Tonight at 7pm EST marks the beginning of a genuinely sincere exploration of all that Arise Daughter can be for God's glory. As we gather for the first time on Zoom, we come with hope and expectation in our hearts for the move of God not only in our own lives but most especially in the lives of the women (and men) who will be joining us in the future. Our first agenda is light but EXCITING as I get to share how God has been moving these 33 days since the Open House (Whew!) We have our first G.O.A.L. setting assignment so, come with pen and paper, a VISION and a spirit of EXPECTANCY.

Here is just a snapshot of tonight's topics:

1. Meet and Greet and Acknowledgements

2. Praise for Partnerships

3. Arise Daughter's Ongoing Development

4. Personal G.O.A.L setting session.

I hope that you can join us but, if not, I know that you will BE PRAYING for us as we embark on this unique adventure together. Much Love! Sylvia

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