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It's Time!

As a ministry leader, when you get quiet with God and begin to see with spiritual eyes, it becomes truly AMAZING all that is going on around you and the ministry in the spiritual realm. I constantly 'see' women slowly walking toward Arise Daughter ready to join in the harvest with other women who are trained and ready to help those who have been bound to "Arise, and walk in freedom." It always humbles me to watch how God works in both the spiritual and physical realms. It turns out that the cross of Jesus is SO COMPELLING that women pick it up sometimes not knowing EXACTLY how they got it on their shoulders; I love seeing that moment when they finally recognize it was a "God thing" in the way that it occurred. As we talk, they can begin to see the months of preparation God has so graciously been leading them through. Who else BUT God can create the new ministry opportunities for these women that they NEVER even imagined! Hallelujah!!

God has gently been preparing a cohort of women within Arise Daughter for the last 3 and a half years to launch their own ministries. I've always envisioned Arise Daughter as a temporary 'boarding house with many rooms' where post-abortive women could come, rest, heal, get fed, have fellowship, gain strength and new skills and then confidently walk back out of the house with the knowledge they need to begin the Kingdom purposed work that God had set aside for them all along.

Our first cohort is ready to join the harvest field and I am BEYOND elated! Over the years, my 'housemates' have had the opportunity to receive:

  1. multiple monthly trainings from a wide range of guest speakers who lead their own ministries

  2. trainings on mentorship

  3. corporate book studies and free books

  4. ministry field experiences both jointly hosted and led individually

  5. healing art facilitation training and art workshops

  6. Arise Incubator support to build their own ministry

  7. Personalized one on one mentoring sessions we call, "A,LIGN's"

  8. Unconditional love and support modeled

  9. OK, just a few cool 'swaggy merch' items :-) Each new ministry will be a blessing within the Kingdom of God in ways that I can only see with my spiritual eyes. I thank God that He's allowed me to 'see' what ministry opportunities He is holding for several members and to have a room in His home to be available for these beautiful and courageous women who are about to make their mark in their own unique ways. Hallelujah!!

That all means that there will be new rooms available in the house for another cohort this Fall. I invite those of you who feel the gentle call of God to give in to it, make your way to your new "home" here at Arise Daughter, find your cross and see what your assignment is in the harvest fields. There are no small ministry jobs in the Kingdom of God! I guarantee you that if He is calling you, He is already equipping you. Maybe we've already met and your room has been set aside just for you. Maybe our divine appointment to meet is yet on God's calendar. Just know that I will be standing in the doorway with the porch light on and the warm welcome gifts waiting.

Much love! Sylvia

CAUTION: If you are looking for a "Club" where you can lounge and not learn how to lead then, Arise Daughter is not for you. If you are not teachable then, Arise Daughter is not for you. If you do not want to heal, train and serve in the Kingdom of God then, Arise Daughter is not for you. If you do not regret your abortion or if you cannot face your sin then, Arise Daughter is not for you. If you cannot make Jesus the King of your life and follow His example then, Arise Daughter is not for you. If you simply want the "perks without the works" then, Arise Daughter is not for you. If you do not believe life is precious from the "womb to the tomb" then, Arise Daughter is not for you. If you do not to want to elevate your God and the sister rooming next to you then...well, I think you get the picture!

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