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Inventory 2020

Have you ever done an in-depth "end of the year" inventory? I haven't. And I will also confess that I am typically so quick to leave the past behind and set goals for the "next" that I fail to catalogue the depth and beauty, tragedy and folly that was the year past. Taking stock of this year of 'clarity' will allow me the unique opportunity to see just how closely I've aligned myself with what Holy Spirit spoke into me almost 12 months ago. I should also take a look at the places I've been both physically (Google tracks your location on your phone if you want to do a review) and mentally before I bound off into the new year. I am coming to understand just how imposed stillness, for example, has been integral to my healing journey. And there must be so many more REVELATIONS the Lord has for me before I can fully appreciate the NEW word He has planned for 2021. So, Wednesday will be inventory day for me. It's gonna take a minute. I plan to look at all of the roles and domains and see where I have expanded or contracted; served the Kingdom of God or... Did I mention that this is gonna take a minute? Psalm 111:4 (NLT) says, "He causes us to remember his wonderful works. How gracious and merciful is our Lord!"

The challenge I've issued to Arise Daughter members is to come to our Refresh meeting on Thursday, January 7th at 7pm with God Oriented, Aligned and Loving goals for 2021 in the areas of Healing, Training and Ministry; mine are pretty much done. BUT now I am also asking us to look deeply at what God has ALREADY done in those three areas in 2020 so that we can fully appreciate where, as Tasha Cobbs Leonard says, God has "gracefully broken" us to take us to our "

now." Join me on this journey if you are so moved by Holy Spirit. Much love and I hope to hear your God-given revelations. Sylvia Enjoy "Still" by Brian Courtney Wilson


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