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Greetings from San Antonio!

As this blog is posted, I sit in San Antonio, Texas at the JW Marriott Hotel in preparation for the start of the CareNet conference. For those of you who are not familiar (and, in full disclosure, I wasn't until recently), CareNet is an organization designed to bring together the Pregnancy Resource Centers from around the country to network around pro-life issues. This is one of the biggest networking opportunities available to PRC's and most especially for an unknown (to the industry) organization like Arise Daughter. Needless to say, I am BEYOND thrilled to be here!

So, how DID I get here? The obvious answer is that I flew. But the non-obvious answer is that God made a way out of no way. I sit and often marvel at how God does what He does and how He does it. Seemingly out of the blue I was invited to attend by my partner and friend, Terri Baxter from which is a 24/7 call and chat line for women and men experiencing the regret of abortion. Terri and I were talking about something totally different when she made the offer for me to attend in the place of someone from her organization who couldn't make it. This will make you smile: My name at the conference will be "Kristi" because my name badge can't be updated on such short notice. But, that doesn't matter does it? Apparently God wants me here to meet up with an assignment I yet know nothing about; and that fills me with indescribable joy!

As you think about it this week, please pray for obedience on my part to follow the direction of Holy Spirit in all things while I am in San Antonio and then, afterwards with the assignment He already has prepared. Pray for health and strength for all speakers and attendees, exhibitors and organizers. But most of all, please pray for the advancement of the Kingdom of God through all that we say and do to support life and heal the broken.

Much love! Sylvia

Enjoy "Waymaker" by Sinach.

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