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May I share a beautiful story?

Last year Arise Daughter was blessed to be an integral part of "Celebration of Restoration'' a luncheon crafted by post abortive women for post abortive women that happens yearly in Columbus, Ohio. No one is more humbled than I am when I get to participate with God and see how His grace gets poured out over abortion wounds. God wants to heal His daughters and sons and it is a blessing to get to partner with people like Carolyn Klair at Pregnancy Help Decision Centers and the Creator of the universe in this sacred work.

Last years luncheon theme was, the "Bride of Christ". Everything we did pointed to that theme; we'd gifted each woman with a poem and even passed out pretend diamond rings to remind the women of their heavenly status. The "Bride of Christ" theme was well received as the in person comments and written evaluations validated.

Fast forward to this year's luncheon (which God decided that I not attend) and Roxanne, our Artist in Residence who was there, shared with me that a woman approached her who remembered her from last years luncheon. She was so happy to see Roxy and wanted to share how much the Bride of Christ message touched her. She said she'd framed the poem we wrote and even wore the fake Diamond ring we'd handed out.

But then something fresh came over her a few weeks later. She began to truly BELIEVE she was beloved by Christ and that she really was His bride. So, she took the next step and decided to purchase a real heart shaped Diamond ring to remind her of how precious she was to our Bridegroom. She proudly showed off the ring to Roxanne and declared herself his blushing bride. The picture is of the ring and Roxanne's painting, "Shattered."

Oh how my heart leapt as I listened to Roxy recount this beautiful woman's story! I could literally feel the power of the work of the Holy Spirit that she felt in her heart!

Tweet this: God sent His son to claim His bride, the church, so as to redeem them from every sin including abortion.

This woman knew without a shadow of a doubt that she was special to King Jesus and that His shed blood covered her also.

It is a true blessing to receive such a powerful testimony to the work that God is doing in the hearts of healing women. We don't often get to see the fruits of our labors but that was a beautiful echo of the Bride of Christ message that went forth from that precious woman's heart to our ears.

How many women and men in the church want to feel that special bond with Christ? How many want to know without a shadow of a doubt that their sin of abortion can be forgiven and healed? How can the church offer to help Christ in this mission? I believe we, as the church, are to intentionally remind every congregant that Christ is eager to present his bride to the Father spotless before Him. To do that the church has to prepare itself as the bride and allow the shed blood of Christ to do the work it is meant to do. How can the church actively pursue that mission? The church can offer a pathway to repentance for all sin, including the sin of abortion, and then actively minister the congregation into a restored relationship with Christ.

Sounds simple but, maybe you simply don't know where to start.

If you are curious to know what this ministry of reconciliation can look like for the post abortive women and men in your congregation, join us on Thursday, April 20th for a Summit to discuss what is on the hearts and minds of at least 25% of every church membership.

Who wouldn't want to be made whole and set apart as a beautiful bride?

What lay leader wouldn't like to participate in the healing of trauma wounds and to see the beauty of that healing echo back to them?

What pastor wouldn't want to know that they're doing all they can to prepare their congregation for the coming of our Bridegroom?

Registration for the free Zoom Summit is at:

See you there! Many blessings until then!! Sylvia

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