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Dear Pastor...

Dear Pastor and Lay Church Leaders,

Sitting in your pews or in your online services  every Sunday are women and men who are  hurting from the trauma of reproductive loss.  The hidden scars that often do not get  discussed, have left a lot of "walking  wounded" among you.  

I know in my heart that messages of  compassion and mercy reach many from the  pulpit each and every week. But many others,  because of lingering guilt and shame, think  they are not worthy to even walk through your  doors Sunday after Sunday. They bravely do it  because they hope, one day, their particular  pain will be mentioned. They want to be set  free to live a full abundant life in Christ and to  serve Him with abandon.  

How do I know this? Because for 20 years I was that woman. I served God at half  capacity; in constant fear of His judgment for  my abortion. I dared not bring it up because I  wasn't sure I would receive support from my  Pastor and congregation. I lived in doubt  partly because there weren't any sermons  delivered about my particular sin. So, I sat in  silence and served as a hobbled Christian.  

What am I saying Pastor? If you want to  mobilize the meek hiding under your church  pews, Love, Accept and Forgive them.  

I am asking you to find some time and some  way to discuss Love, Acceptance and  Forgiveness for ALL repented sin including  abortion. If you have already delivered this  message clearly to the women AND men that  may remain traumatized by abortion then,  I thank you wholeheartedly~ If you have not, I  pray that soon will come the day of  deliverance for possibly as much as 25% of 

your congregation.  

"The wounded sheep want to know there is a  pathway to healing for them put in place by the  church. Once they trust that, they will come forth out  of the shadows" says Karen Ellison, Founder of "Deeper  Still" post abortion healing retreats.  

There are many local as well as online  resources for healing that I would be more  than happy to connect you with. In addition to that, we offer healing art classes that provide a beautiful entry way to address grief. Some of  these resources can help clergy members  deal with their own personal issues  surrounding abortion and abuse. Feel free to  reach out to: to chat  or, email me


May God richly bless you as you aid in the  healing and freedom of His people.  


Sylvia Blakely, Founder  

Arise Daughter  and Arise Artists

A Post-Abortion Mentoring Ministry

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1 Comment

Oct 15, 2023

Thank you for this appeal!

Much needed …as God so loved the world He Gave us the healing balm, the pathway and the Free Gift 🎁 to be Forgiven & Set Free through the blood of Jesus, who died on the cross to overcome death … and rise again.

There is Life After Abortion, but the church needs to open the 🚪because He is the ONLY door to salvation, deliverance, and reconciliation.

I pray that the doors to the churches will be open to deal with All Manners of sin , to set His people free to give Him Glory through the Good News that God saves…Anybody, no exceptions, no exclusions, nor excuses as His grace is sufficient.

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