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What a weekend! The Arise Arsts team was so blessed to be a part of the "Celebration of Restoration" weekend event for the fourth year in a row in Columbus, Ohio. I'm not sure how they keep getting better but we had a truly annointed time with a great meal, an amazing testimony and a room full of beautiful women of God.

And this was to mark our final time with the current team members as many move into their own ministries; to God be the glory!

Our Friday was spent with about a dozen beautiful women in an healing art exercise we got to lead called: "Grief to Gratitude: A Jewelry Making Event." The intent was to give God the glory for how He has turned our greatest regret into a sense of gratitude for how He is healing us. What a sweet and serene time of fellowship with our Art Director, Freda Abbott Ayodele leading the group.

Then came Saturday which was phenomenal. What a blessing it was to have three of our team members husbands there to help us set up our wares.

Men need to be seen and heard too.

We had three tables of art work which included, paintings, textiles (some mailed in from Panama by our own Jackie Tolford), pottery and mixed media art. But, more importantly, we had 6 ministers of reconciliation ready to reach women who were new in their abortion recovery journey and needed to know they were not alone. We made some significant contacts and hopefully new mentee relationships were established.

Our gracious hostesses at Pregnancy Decision Help Centers ALWAYS welcome us with open arms which makes this a perennial highlight of our year.

But the BEST time was at our Airbnb later Saturday evening. Oh how Holy Spirit ministered to each and every one of us. There is no way to fully describe how He moved but suffice it to say we are changed, anointed and ready for our "Next."

I love how God keeps making beauty out of ashes. May He continue to get the glory for all that He does in and through us!

Song: "Goodness of God" by CeCe Winans

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Great pics of weekend! Brings back good memories of 2 years ago:)


márc. 11.

This was my 3rd time coming to the Celebration Restoration in OH and could not imagine for it to get any better, BUT it did and praise God!!!🎊🙌💕So thankful for our dear leader Sylvia, who arranged housing and our dear sisters from who made it out to join PDHC ministry, and all the other ministries that made this event special.

My nugget from God this weekend:

“ Anytime you think you cannot afford to set time aside for God, and you still press your way in …He WILL bless your socks off!!” In all my years serving the Lord and His people, Jesus showed me what true restoration looks like :


When you choose to trust Him, Jesus…

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