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As We Speak, We Are Freed!

The Arise Daughter team talked about giving our testimonies just the other day. We discussed: who had yet to share theirs outside of friends and family, why writing it down can be intimidating, who was nervous about saying it on camera or to a crowd etc. What we decided was that although sharing our testimonies is a powerful weapon in our spiritual arsenal (please read all of Revelation 12:11) it can also be an intimidating process even for sisters who've known each other for over a year now!

One of Pat Layton's (author of the abortion healing curriculum "Surrendering the Secret") caveats for sharing your testimony is: "Know your 'why.' Why is 'now' the time to do it? Who may be affected by it? What can God use your testimony for? Answering some of these questions, with the help of Holy Spirit, can help take the "me" out of the situation and return focus to giving God the glory, honor and praise for helping us defeat the enemy.

As someone who took the plunge to "tell all" in 2020, I saw sharing my testimony as a way to liberate others. Periodt. I can tell you that there is no personal glory to be gained by telling such intimate details of your life. Besides that, I probably have at least five different versions of my testimony and each one is extremely uncomfortable to share. But, knowing my 'why' going in helped me shake off the filthy ashes and put on the crown of splendor meant for me (Isaiah 62:3 NIV).