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Abortion Recovery Month Part 3. Happy Easter!!

#GetHealedAndGetBusy. What a way to start a blog right? But seriously folks, our abortion healing is like our salvation which we joyfully celebrate this Easter Sunday: It's not meant just for us but for others as well! Last week I shared several types of healing programs that are designed to help women and men find a place of repentance and peace as they reconnect with the Father who so desperately wants them reconciled to Him. That said, He is also eager to put your new found healing to use helping others. You may not yet know your assigned duties but, rest assured, He has something planned specifically for you. Don't expect to be left in your normal comfort zones either. He may push you completely out of the nest knowing that ultimately, He is the wind beneath your wings.

In other words, get used to a new "normal."

There are many service opportunities for the Kingdom of God. Remember that God wants His daughters and sons Healed and delivered so that the promise of abundant life made by Jesus can be fulfilled (John 10:10 KJV). Hasn't the thief stolen enough of your time, talent and energy and in doing so delayed your healing process? And make no mistake, healing IS a PROCESS fraught with many ups and downs, twists and turns. But do not allow fear to hold you back any longer!!! Now that you know abortion healing and recovery really is a "thing" that will benefit not only you but your family and everyone in your circles of influence, you can be about your Fathers business.

First things first: Let's start on as firm a fo