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Women are coming to work the harvest!

When you get quiet with God and begin to see with spiritual eyes, it is truly AMAZING all that is going on around us in the spiritual realm. I 'see' women slowly walking toward Arise Daughter ready to join in the harvest with other women to help other women get freedom. It always humbles me to watch how God works. The cross of Jesus is so COMPELLING that women pick it up sometimes not knowing EXACTLY how they got it on their shoulders but recognizing it was a "God thing" in the way that it occurred. As we talk, they can begin to see the months of preparation God has so graciously been leading them through. Who else BUT God can create the new ministry opportunities for these women that they NEVER even imagined! Hallelujah!!

I invite those of you who feel the gentle call of God to give in to it, make your way to your new "home" here, find your cross and see what your assignment is in the harvest fields. There are no small jobs in the Kingdom of God. I guarantee you that if He is calling you, He is already equipping you. Much love!

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