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It's Super Bowl Sunday. And one thing I'm pretty sure of: no matter who you cheer for, there won't be two winners. It's the nature of competition that there must be a winner and a loser before the game is called.

Sometimes, we take that same tact with the question of life as we judge the worth of the Mom's life versus her baby's in a crisis pregnancy situation: one must win and the other must lose.

Society creates an artificial contest between the potential life of the mother and her child. According to modern culture, a woman can't possibly 'win' in life if she becomes pregnant at an inopportune time. What is in the artificial balance? Her potential career, her potential finances, her potential schooling, her potential relationships, etc. In short, her potential.

But what of her child's potential?

I know for me, all I could do was count the mounting losses if I'd remained pregnant. In the competition between me and my daughter, I won.

But I also was the loser.