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Willing to Endure

What have we been willing to endure to be healed from our past pain and trauma? It's a valid question for me as I embark upon two healing journeys this Spring that, from all reports will be harrowing but important for my "next".

I was reminded by three accounts in the the new Testament where Jesus had encounters with foreigners who had to press through cultural differences to get to Him. He in turn ignored cultural norms and interacted with them as only our Savior could. The first was the Roman Centurion who endured the stigma of speaking with a Jewish man openly in the streets so that he could obtain healing for a beloved servant (Matthew 8: 5-13). The second was the Caananite woman who endured being placed in the "less than" category to make sure her daughter received healing from the "Son of David" (Matthew 15: 21-28). And the last was the Samaritan woman who endured having her sexual history exposed by a stranger so that she could receive "living water" from the Messiah (John 4: 4-26). In each instance, both the person needing Jesus and Jesus himself had to endure an exceptional exchange that would shock spectators sense of what "acceptable" looked like. And yet each person in the story pressed into the situation to bring God's Kingdom work of healing and restoration out into the open. How courageous was that?!

What are we then willing to endure to get the deeper healing we need? Some have been lowered through roof tops (Luke 5: 17-39). Others have scrambled to grab ahold of clothing (Mark 5: 25-34). Thousands endured days out in the elements with little food just so that Jesus could heal their brokenness (Matthew 15: 32-39). For some of us it will take picking up a phone and making a life changing phone call like I did to "Healing Grace" post-abortion recovery or logging onto a website and then crawling through weeks and sometimes months of really intense scrubbing by Holy Spirit. Like any burn victim knows, there is pain in the process of healing; but they endure for the hope of renewed skin and less scarring. Are we willing to endure our own healing process so that we may receive the freedom that only God's Kingdom can bring?

If you would like more information as to how to get started in finding your "next" healing step, please feel free to sign up for a live chat with me on the main page. Healing hugs coming your way!! Sylvia

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