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Why is "Life" Political?

It's a specious question I know, but one that bears exploring anyway. Yesterday was "Sanctity of Life Sunday" which in the secular world goes largely unnoticed. But in the ecumenical world, the subject should be a regular battle cry day for the idea that "Life" is sacred at all stages. I don't know about you but I MISSED posting on social media about it yesterday which was a shame. If we in the faith world do not stick out like sore thumbs for the issue of "Life" then not many else will. How many sermons were devoted to "Life" yesterday? If I missed the mark, I am sure many pastors did as well. How can we support our clergy better to address "Life" issues not only in January but every month? I recently asked a pastor friend that very question and his response was, "we have so many urgent issues to deal with; Life is just one of them." I thanked him for his honesty and left the conversation a bit dejected I must admit... In some respects it seems that the subject of "Life" has become a political football in pulpits. Why? Is it partly because (and I am spit balling here) we don't all agree on whose life has meaning? Does the prisoner deserve less attention than a sick child? Does the size or age of the person garner favor? Is race, nationality, ability or socioeconomic status the determining factor? Of course, I cannot answer that question for you but,

I should be able to clearly answer the question for myself using the lens of Jesus to filter out my own emotional dross. I know for a FACT that the issue of "Life" was important to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; it doesn't take being a bible scholar to know that. And if we are as progressive and radical as our Savior was on the issue then it should be of the utmost importance to us as well. When "Life" can be co-opted for political gain or so easily get lost in the sauce so to speak, then I believe we have, ALL of US, lost something special and sacred. So, on this day of remembrance for a great man, Martin Luther King Jr. and his stand for equality and freedom for all life, let us daily celebrate the unique missional blueprint Jesus left us on this subject: Every day should be "Sanctity of Life Day." Amen and Amen.

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