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When Abortion Was Thinkable Part 3

Perspective can be a beautiful thing especially when it frees you and doesn't hold you hostage. In todays blog offering, Alex Stewart expounds upon the time in her life when abortion was both unthinkable and then thinkable.

Growing up, I couldn’t wait to become a mother -through and through and when the day came, I was thrilled but also filled with much gloom ….as I was told to have an abortion, which I refused to do!

At that moment I knew, my relationship with my mother was through … until my decisions later on in life had me terrified and convicted - as I found myself choosing abortion just like her and suddenly the finger that was pointed at her now pointed back to me forcing me to deal with this huge hypocrisy.

“Convictions” were tossed out of the window in a blink of an eye to cover up the plight of sexual assault keeping me on a high - believing the illusion to be in control of every aspect of my life acting like everything is ”FINE!”

Is it me - or is it you …

But what does it take

To have you glued

To the idea that having a

child is not part of your life’s story, too?

Is it me or is it you …

But the answer is not just in black or white and there are grey areas that need to be addressed too!

Is it me or is it You

But what does it take

For us to see the beam in our own eyes before we point fingers and call each others names in the name of God?

Have you forgotten the times you killed relationships and destroyed people with your words …and actions!

When will we become Lovers of our Enemies and not Lovers of ourselves to the point we put ourselves on a pedestal and declare to be righteous and blameless before God- playing the blame game without regards to our neighbor near and far?

Is it me or is it you …

But The Great “ I Am “ is always watching and drawing the line into the sand … telling bystanders to throw the rocks in their hands IF they are without sin … nobody threw a rock and one by one left and walked away….while Jesus is telling her in love - not to do it anymore!

Is it me or is it you…

But What will you Do

When you find yourself in a place of such magnitude?

Will u address both sides and stay humble to reach out to the more vulnerable side …offering guidance and a helping hand, until she can stand onto her own two feet - after taking a chance to believe in the goodness of God and humanity?

The choice is yours and defines your sphere of influence … that determines the brightness of light that is able to pierce into the darkness that hides millions of women suffering silently- as society fights Post Roe vs. Wade and not an end in sight -what a plight!

So let’s love - don’t fight and give the world the Good News:

For God so Loved the world He Gave His only begotten son . For whosever believes in Him shall have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

John 3:16-17

Thank you Alex for sharing your heart! If you would like to have a conversation with Alex or any of the Arise Daughter members, feel free to reach out on our mainpage, or by email at

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