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When Abortion Was Thinkable Part 2

Many of us reading this blog know what I mean when I say that "hook up" culture isn't new to this generation. Back 'in the day', we managed to find one another without the app Tender-imagine that! Looking for love in all the wrong places isn't anything new. But, what we didn't realize was our casual dalliances' could have serous consequences and lasting effects long after that chapter in our lives had been written over. Our Sister Christina shares her cautionary tale about what can transpire to make "abortion thinkable."

I thought abortion was thinkable (back then). Abortion seemed justifiable because I thought it was ok to control my choice, given the circumstances that did not seem right. Actually I was controlling the destiny of another being that God intended.

I did not let the powers that be write my story according to

His will but my own.

Forgiven and set free is what I choose now, because that is what he intended for me.

Hear Christina's testimony:

Now, Christina is choosing to be an advocate for women in a crisis pregnancy who feel like they are faced with unintended consequences from a a poor choice. What seems impossible to man is truly possible with God! Her message today? "Trust God! He has a plan for the life growing inside of you whether you intended for it (the pregnancy) to happen. And it is a way bigger plan than anyone could imagine!"

Thank you Christina for being transparent and sharing your story. If you would like to talk with Christina or any of the women of Arise Daughter, feel free to leave a comment in the chat box or email us at Many blessings!

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