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"Viable" for 24 hours!

The Broadway style one-act play "Viable is NOW streaming for FREE at on any device until 8am Friday: be prepared to shift your inside emotional life around more than a little! I had the awesome opportunity to join in a live discussion with the playwright and cast on Tuesday and let me say this: this play could not have come at a better time in our country. It is refreshing to have frank yet emotion filled discussions regarding the effects of abortion on women, men and entire families. Far too long we have silenced the feelings of hurt, grief and shame as if ALL reproductive loss does not hurt. Reproductive loss can hurt for generations...

The play streams FREE on demand for 24 hours thanks to the GENEROUS sponsorship of Support After Abortion. It runs for 105 minutes so, I plan to watch it around 7pm once my chores are done and I can fully give it the attention it deserves. Feel free to join me for a watch party of sorts on Facebook Messenger (honestly, I'm not tots sure of how it will pop up in Facebook so be on the look out....LOL

Voices are crying out on BOTH sides of the veil: won't you take 105 minutes today to listen? Much love!

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