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Sounding the Alarm

If you bore witness to the tragic events surrounding the massive tsunami that killed almost a quarter of a million people in Asia in 2004 then you will vividly recall the carnage caused from waves travelling over 500 mph slamming into multiple coastlines. The source of the vast and almost unimaginable waves was an earthquake that occurred several hours earlier far out in the ocean. The sudden shifting of the earths mantle started a massive movement of water towards the coast of three continents.

Modern man is acutely aware that such seismic events have the potential to occur and has, in a worldwide coordinated effort, developed an alarm system to give governments time to evacuate coastal and low lying areas in advance of the destructive waves. But for whatever reason, the alarm system was insufficient this particular time. Tourists and residents alike watched in bewilderment as waters swiftly receded from crowded beach areas. Few were keyed in to the forewarning they were receiving because they had no prior experience with such an event. No mass evacuations occurred