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Sounding the Alarm

If you bore witness to the tragic events surrounding the massive tsunami that killed almost a quarter of a million people in Asia in 2004 then you will vividly recall the carnage caused from waves travelling over 500 mph slamming into multiple coastlines. The source of the vast and almost unimaginable waves was an earthquake that occurred several hours earlier far out in the ocean. The sudden shifting of the earths mantle started a massive movement of water towards the coast of three continents.

Modern man is acutely aware that such seismic events have the potential to occur and has, in a worldwide coordinated effort, developed an alarm system to give governments time to evacuate coastal and low lying areas in advance of the destructive waves. But for whatever reason, the alarm system was insufficient this particular time. Tourists and residents alike watched in bewilderment as waters swiftly receded from crowded beach areas. Few were keyed in to the forewarning they were receiving because they had no prior experience with such an event. No mass evacuations occurred. People who could have run for higher ground did not. And so when the massive waves struck, most people in the path of the waves were simply washed away. And those of us watching from home could do nothing but pray and send whatever aid we could. Clean up took years and many families were left with the trauma of trying to rebuild their lives without those they loved.

Alarms save lives.

We at Arise Daughter are passionate about sounding the alarm to create greater awareness about the destructiveness of the chemical abortion pills. We see an unimaginable wave of personal destruction coming into the lives of American women all caused by the lie of "simple at home abortions." We are joining forces and coming alongside partners who are equally disturbed by the multi-layered assault of half truths upon our daughters, sisters, nieces and friends. Abortion on demand in clinic settings is horrific enough; I know firsthand. But this new DIY or Do It Yourself at home abortion scheme where the mom becomes her own abortionist is beyond the pale.

Let's think about it and talk this thing through truthfully. We are asking a child bearing aged woman no matter how young or naive to be:

1. Her own medical professional left to accurately determine gestational age, physical fitness, potential complications and mental readiness for such an invasive and unmonitored procedure.

2. Her own pharmacist having to determine the efficacy of the drugs given, multiple side effects, proper dosing regimen, and contraindications to taking them.

3. Her own nurse taking care of her nausea, cramping, dizziness, vomiting, black outs, blood loss estimation and determination of when to call 911.

4. Her own funeral home director (or hazmat specialist depending upon the state you live in) to know how to properly care for the baby she just lost and help with the grief process.

5 Her own psychologist to deal with the acute trauma of seeing her child in places it should not be, calming her own fears, working through her own suicidal ideations, dealing with re-traumatizing situations such as the next menstrual cycle, using the same bathroom where the abortion occurred, her feelings about her next pregnancy.

6. Her own spiritual leader trying to navigate the feelings of loss, guilt, shame and moral injury that the abortion unleashed. Unsure if she can be forgiven and where the path to God is.

The wave that is coming will be simply overwhelming because women are not being told the truth about chemical abortion and we in abortion recovery are not sufficiently prepared.

We as a Christian nation, a moral society committed to taking care of our most vulnerable should be running away from the terrible tsunami that is coming. We should all be sounding the alarm about the truth of the chemical abortion. We should be chastising our medical professionals for proposing and accepting such grossly negligent care of our young women. We should be educating our young women about the truth of their growing child and what abortion REALLY involves.

DIY abortions are not the new wave of feminist freedoms. They are the exact opposite binding women to the trauma of losing their child in the most horrific manner imaginable.

We all have a stake in this because the ripple effect of this new wave of evil will be felt for generations to come in ways different than even the surgical abortion wave caused. We all need to recognize what we are seeing and share the truth by shaming the liars and helping our young people make abortion unthinkable.

If you are as disturbed about all of this as we are, we invite you to attend a Summit on April 7th at 7pm on Zoom to discuss this issue and share ideas on what we can do to help women heal from the scourge of chemical abortion.

for free. Join the conversation, share what you are seeing and your ideas. As the hands and feet of Jesus we can make a difference!

*If you need assistance for your abortion trauma, please contact 24/7 to speak with a post-abortive phone coach and receive information on healing.* "Made in the Image of God" by We Are Messengers

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