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Saying "Yes" to God

Honestly, a lot of what God will ask us to do will defy the odds. Maybe you think you aren't worthy to get it done. Could be that your qualifications don't match up to the job at hand. You search for reasons 'why' you were chosen and you come up with no answers.

I have found that that's the precise time to lean into your "Yes God." Questions may get answered later but, answers should not be the goal. The best answer is, "Yes" and then watch what God does with it.

I say all of that to say that God multipled our "Yes" last week at the Celebration of Restoration luncheon in Columbus, Ohio as we shared the "Bride of Christ" message he gave to us; we are still floating from that weekend!

The last two portions to report on was: 1. our worship time at Hope City House of Prayer in Columbus on Sunday morning. We were blessed to spend time before the Lord together as a ministry which was AMAZING! The message was, "Going on with Him" which challenged us to continue to say "Yes" to God despite what it looks like. This church family of young, vibrant worshipers welcomed us with open arms. We cannot WAIT to come back in October as they host us for our very first Art show and Wellness event titled; "Metamorphosis; from Broken to Healed." Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 22, 2022 from 10 am to 2pm. Register early at so that we have enough supplies and food. We plan to have a virtual livestream as well so that you can participate from anywhere.