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Sanctity of Life Sunday

If my experience at the March for Life taught me anything, it is that making a mark with your presence is a powerful statement. It is a statement of conviction which is a reflection of your values. And a value not worth standing up for is a value not worth having.

Up till now, I never considered myself a "Marcher." In all transparency, I had too many preconceptions about "who" was at the March for Life and not enough about the "why" of the March. My nephew texted me asking if I was at a political rally; I understand why... And then, I realized I wasn't the only one with that skewed understanding. When all the Marchers kept the "main thing the main thing" then, our diversity truly brought unity to the ginormous gathering.

So, the March led up to today's celebration for the Sanctity of Life. A day for the image bearers of God to speak life over Life. A time of hope and joy for the beauty of all humans to be acknowledged. Today marks a recognition that life is precious, fragile, fleeting and yet eternal. Today is a time to simply pause and reflect upon the mystery and beauty of the "big bang" that happens in the womb and all that occurs in that "dash" to the tomb. Let's mark today as a day of both solemnity and celebration. Let's stand up in both small and big ways for Life eternal!

Please check out this beautiful montage that Alexandra Stewart produced for Arise Daughter in celebration of this weekend.

Much love! Sylvia

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