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Repentance Starts With Revival Part 3

Revival is meant to heal our land. That process starts with acknowledging that our land has been sick. As a nurse, I often view issues through a health care lens which may not always be the most accurate perspective but it does give me a place to start my contemplation of complex issues. If one were to look at Revival from a medical perspective, it would mean ‘to awaken what was dead or dying through some type of healing intervention.’ From an outsider's point of view, the necessary medical interventions could appear harsh and even harmful to the patient. But from the medical staff's perspective we accept that pain often accompanies healing. Healers do not relish the pain they cause but they understand that pain is a part of the healing process. In some respects that is how I’ve felt as a writer of this series on Revival. Stating that ‘Revival Starts With Repentance’ has seemingly struck a negative tone with some readers. I can only guess that the intervention, Repentance, is causing some necessary pain. But how do we get to a healed state without pain. We can’t.

We as fallen people never want to look in the mirror and see ourselves for the sinful creatures we are. We hate to admit wrongdoing; our illnesses. It was true of Eve and Adam, it was true of me for 20 years and it is true for many now.

The truth often hurts BUT the truth matters if healing is to occur.

Do you want to know one thing I LOVE about the bible-the inerrant and unchanging word of God? It does not try to be politically correct nor does it let us off the hook for what sin is and what the sickness