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Revival Starts With Repentance Part 2

I said a LOT about what sparks a true revival last week. I mentioned that revival starts on a micro-level; it takes a recognition of our own need to repent from our sins and ask God to renew us as individuals. From there we can collectively atone as a church community and nation so that revival can spread. Revival needs to spread like wildfire amongst those who truly want to change and to seek God's forgiveness if we expect God to heal our land.

This means that, as a nation, we will have to, first and foremost, humble ourselves and acknowledge our wrongs- current and past. If we truly want to "sit tight and get right" with God, it means we are going to have to boldly examine ourselves especially as it pertains to our history.

We are going to have to understand and then atone for what our founding fathers' did when they actively took part in controlling the reproduction of men and women in this country.