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"Refresh" THIS Thursday!

Hello one and all!! First, let me officially say, "Happy 2021" from Arise Daughter!! It has already been an interesting first few days of the New Year for my household- a whole nother story- BUT through it all I managed to keep my eyes on the G.O.A.L.s God set for me this year. I have come to understand that one of the enemies favorite weapons is 'distraction' with: busy work, illness, hardship etc. Went through ALL of that and still NOT serving that agenda!!! God:1, Enemy:0

Our wee assignment as Members for Thursday's meeting was to focus on three areas for GROWTH and to set God-Oriented, Aligned and Loving goals within each. The three areas were:

1. Our Healing

2. Our Training and

3. Our Ministry

I LITERALLY made three columns on a piece of paper and sat and listened to what Holy Spirit fed me in each area. It seemed like A LOT from my perspective but I know that with God all things are possible!! So, the equipping is already happening for me as well as for each one of you--of that I have NO DOUBT!! We will come together, hear the heart of the Father for our lives, pray over our lists and marvel over His "Next" for us and for Arise Daughter.

I look forward to seeing you at 7pm Thursday, January 7th on Zoom. Much Love.

Meeting ID: 84029421299

Passcode: 728983

P.S. I need my vision casters on deck Thursday. I see you Carmen!

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