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Prayer and Fasting Part 3

As we enter into day 19 of our Prayer and Fast, I am struck by two things: first how much I look forward to our Corporate Prayer time at 3pm daily as two or three or more gather in His name. Second, the visions and signs God is sending that we are taking more note of.

Our Artist in Residence, Roxanne Fields shares with us two very intimate an important words she received from the Lord that she has given me permission to share with you dear reader:

"Amen and thank you for the guided prayer this morning. The Lord gave me a clear understanding of the things I justified in my life. I want to share this one this morning. This is in regards to my abortion:

I justified my choice by saying that the father, didn’t want this, nor would my father approve.

But when I dug a little deeper, the truth revealed it was me that didn’t want people to know that I was a bad girl that had unprotected sex with a man that my father forbade me to see.

Here is the deeper still: My will was done, and I condemned myself to hell for years afterward. I said ‘I’m going to Hell anyway I might as well do what I want.’

This morning I heard the words of David when he said to God 'it is against you alone that I have sinned against thee.' I realized today the most wounded was my God.

It is with great joy that I can tell you that I know that he Loves me still and he wants his will for me to be done . I am forgiven and set free. Even today!

This revelation was not to condemn me but to show me what we can expect with the women that we will serve on 10/22/22."

Roxy's inspiration song: Fred Hammond, "Lo, I am With You."

To God be the Glory!

Roxy is an inspiration to us all that, if we but lean in to the prayer and fast time that God can provide new revelations meant to reconcile us with Him. Trust the process!

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