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There are a lot of ways human beings can express themselves-we are, after all creative. One of my favorite ways is through poetry. I find that poems tend to flow out of me during remarkable events or circumstances. There is usually some inspiring incident that sets in motion the wheels that then churns out a poem. What the poem means to the writer often varies but it most certainly is an opportunity for a catharsis of emotions. To the reader? Well, poems can expand horizons in a rippling effect or cause a cozy interior room to suddenly appear in your heart.

God-inspired poetry allows Him to share with us in an indirect but beautifully mysterious way how much He loves us and wants to reveal Himself to us. According to the creators of the (which I love by the way for making what seems complicated even more interesting) as much as 30% of the bible is written as poetry. Poetry is meant to "ignite your imagination through the experience of verbal art." (The Art of Poetry episode 1). So, when we compose a poem, it first was ignited within us and THEN it gets to ignite someone else; almost like a candle lighting successive candles.

In this spirit of igniting passions and imaginings, join the Arise Artist meeting THIS THURSDAY at 7pm for a chance to share or listen to some inspiration. We are bringing forth poems that address the themes of "Rebel" and "Renewal". The work can be original or that of another credited poet. You may not consider yourself a poet but that's OK, do it anyway. The evening will be an intimate opportunity to share a piece of you that maybe you rarely get to see yourself. Much Love, Sylvia

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