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I'm Every Woman

"I'm Every Woman" is the title of our featured Arise Artist, Ms. Roxanne "Roxy" Fields' upcoming presentation. When asked what this meant to her, she immediately said that as she looks at the breadth of her work she can see every mood most every woman has felt at one time or another represented in her art. This expression of our inner woman makes us every woman by sheer universality of emotion. It allows us to connect with each others work in a way that is deeply understood. Roxanne also sees her art intersecting with her mental state at any given time. Art has been revealed to her as a safe soft place for her raw emotions; this has been a God-given gift and assignment that she has taken on with relish. What we will receive this Thursday at 7pm will be every woman Roxanne has ever been. And we will get a glimpse into where God is taking her. I am sure it will be an anointed journey. Please join in with us as we take this wild ride together celebrating art as God's healing tool. RSVP on the main page for our Zoom meeting at 7p.

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