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Our Tiggers Can be Treasures

Have you ever been digging through a box of old photos or mementos and suddenly come across something that caught you off guard? Maybe your breath briefly caught in your chest or your stomach tightened slightly. You weren't expecting that reaction to that object or that might have been uncomfortable but let's sit with it...

On this healing journey, there will be times when you might be tempted to think, 'well I've done all that I need to do to heal from my abortion. Surely that bible study covered all the bases!' And that MAY be true for you, but, I doubt it; Because that trigger you just experienced says otherwise.

I recently had someone ask me if the reason I'd chosen to experience several different healing studies was so that I would know how to advise others about various healing curricula. That is about 20% true. But truthfully, 80% of the healing I've received over the past two years has been for my personal growth after I'd been triggered. I have found that each healing experience deepened my understanding of my own storywand healed my trigger which, in turn, strengthened my testimony. And as I've written previously, our testimonies are to be spiritual weapons against the enemy. Our testimony is a weapon that, once fully formed, WILL prosper.

What I am also coming to understand is that our abortion decisions are typically bookended by other events in our lives. It may be a codependent relationship with a boyfriend, abuse in childhood, promiscuity, substance abuse, mental health disorders and the like. You've courageously stepped into the arena and slain one giant-your abortion pain- only to realize that others are waiting in the wings; hence, the trigger.

Ad that is OK. God desires your COMPLETE healing. It may take years to work through all of the layers. It may feel exhausting and sometimes overwhelming. But what I am exhorting you through is the fear that you won't be healed. You can and will experience the healing God has set aside for you. Take the first step. Let that unexpected trigger help you to walk through the next open door. God is waiting there with the answers to the questions that you are only now ready to ask and have answers to. I can testify to the fact that the trigger won't magically go away; you and Holy Spirit will have to partner on the healing.

Does it matter what healing journey you take first? It may. That is a question for Holy Spirit to answer for you. But, I will do my best to outline some of the aspects of each of the programs I have gone through in future blogs. And I will tell you in what areas I am still healing.

God can turn those triggers into treasures that He can use to help you triumph over the lies of the enemy. Trust and treasure the trigger. Many blessings! Sylvia

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