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Our FIRST Zoom "Refresh" Meeting Thursday, December 3rd, 7pm!

So, we have an EXCITING opportunity to gather together on Zoom the FIRST Thursday of every month to Relax, Release, Relate, Renew AND Refresh, celebrate our freedom in God and to strategize for Kingdom work. It is super simple to sign-up: Head over to the "Upcoming Events" tab and RSVP for the Zoom "Refresh" meeting. The momentum is growing ladies, I can FEEL it in the spiritual realm!! God is calling His daughters together for the harvest. He knows that iron sharpens iron so, when we gather as a community we strengthen and fortify our walk with God and with each other. Be sure to subscribe to the Forums and comment, sign up for a Group that interests you (or consider suggesting a NEW Group), follow and chat with another Member to establish partnerships etc; this is YOUR platform after all.

Now, when you join the Zoom meeting, feel free to be seen or unseen--It is OK either way! This is a "no-judgement" zone. When you begin to grasp who God has TRULY made you to be, I know that your BOLDNESS will emerge in some way, shape or form! Zoom meeting information will emailed out a day or so before the 3rd so, be on the look out for that and be sure to invite a friend!!

May God RICHLY bless you until I "see" you on Thursday, December 3rd at 7pm (eastern standard time). Much Love! Sylvia

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