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On the Journey Together

My husband and I decided to spirit away to San Antonio, Texas to celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary. If you read the blog a few weeks ago then you know I was already in San Antonio for the CareNet Conference. So, we thought, why not kinda sorta combine the two events and let one piggyback off the other. Our actual anniversary wasn't until September 3rd but this just seemed like the perfect chance to experience and enjoy an iconic city together.

So much of my journey with Arise Daughter has been done with my husbands love and support that carving out this space of healing and restoration just seemed like a "no-brainer." And it's not that Raymond is involved in the day to day of Arise Daughter BUT knowing that I have his love and active support in all that this ministry has been about thus far has been a phenomenal gift. His patience with the 4 hour Zoom meetings, the late night and unexpected texts from women needing support, driving me 1100 miles to our first conference opportunity, saying the first enthusiastic "YES" to my flying out last minute to San Antonio...All of these quiet but firm acts of love and support have continued to buoy me.

That said, I would be remiss if I did not also recognize that as we have been working together, we also should rest and relax together. He is my second priority after my relationship with my heavenly Father and it would be dangerous indeed to sacrifice him in service to my ministry (I think I just preached to somebody). Of course, it should never be an "either/or" situation but a "both/and" love fest which, trust me, takes intentionality.

Make no mistake: My unwavering allegiance is to God, my identity is in His Son Jesus, I take my daily marching orders from Holy Spirit AND my flesh is inextricably joined to the husband God chose for me not once but twice. Being at peace with ALL of that is, well, priceless.

Much love, Sylvia

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