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Got your calendar handy? Great!! We have several exciting dates this Spring we'd love you to "SAVE" for Arise Daughter Events. These will be presented in order of occurrence and not necessarily in order of importance:

  1. Support After Abortion Conference, "A New Movement" Watch party. Friday, March 26th starting at 9am EDT and ends Saturday, March 27th at 6pm EDT. View at: FREE, IMPORTANT.

  2. "UNPLANNED" the movie Watch Parties. Sunday, March 28th at 7pm AND Tuesday, March 30th at 7pm with discussion right afterwards on Zoom. The movie is free on the Tubi and Vudu apps or $2.99 on YouTube or Amazon Prime. ZOOM ID: 360 078 1353. Passcode: 61A4eJ. FREE and I need someone to process this with...

  3. "Refresh" meeting Thursday, April 1st at 7pm on Zoom. Get ready to get A,LIGNed with God's purpose for your life. Bring a 8x10 sheet of paper, a pen or pencil and your prayers. Zoom ID: 857 3034 6449.

  4. LEAD book study by Paul David Tripp. 14 week online seminar starts Tuesday, April 6th. See the "LEAD" tab on the main page. FREE, IMPORTANT for all current and future leaders. Join us if you'd like to see the heart of God for your leadership role.

  5. Arise Artist "Poetry Slam" with the themes of "Rebel" and "Renewal". Bring original poems or work you love to read and reflect on. Thursday, April 8th at 7pm. Zoom ID: 894 2545 7341.

Much Love and Happy Spring! Sylvia

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