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New Year, New Life

We all love new right? There's just something about getting started with a brand new (fill in the blank) that revs up our engines and gets us excited. It's having a renewed sense of purpose that galvanizes our actions. We enjoy the freshness of a new year even though in reality all that has changed has been a day marked on a calendar; that truth sets in around day 8 when you begin to recognize just how hard it truly is to maintain the "newness." The new workout regimen, the new eating habit etc. One week in and you're already "over it." What's that about you think? For some of us who have the trauma of abortion in our past, a new year may represent an old loss or losses. Another year that child isn't here. Another birthday or milestone that won't be met.

And so what should feel fresh, quickly turns stale...

It may feel that way now but, it doesn't have to stay that way.

2023 can be the year when you decide that you want healing from a past bad choice. It may have been 2 weeks, 2 years or 20 years ago but you can make this the year for healing, growth, renewal and reconciliation. It is never too early or two late to come to terms with your abortion(s). Truth be told, the longer the wait, the fewer years you have to: a. experience the grief (yes, trust me, this is necessary), b. face the choice, c. ask God (and others, including yourself) for forgiveness, d. deal with stray emotions, e. experience healing and freedom. I can tell you from personal experience that 40 years was way too long to wait. Had I known what God had waiting for me on the other side of my abortion regret, I would like to think I would have reached for it earlier. But, here's the thing: there really is no right time or wrong time, just God's time. He intimately knows when each one of His sons and daughters will need to turn over a new leaf and start fresh.

So, I invite you on this the 8th day of January to make our acquaintance at and for a true reboot for 2023. You will have: 1. Support setting goals that are Holy Spirit inspired and attainable. 2. A community of women who are healing just like you and want to support you. 3. Access to artists who can help you explore feelings through art. 4. Membership to a website where you get to interact with the healing community whenever and as often as you would like. 5. Help finding the healing program (s) just right for you and 6. Opportunities to serve the Kingdom of God from a healed, restored place you've never before experienced.

Sound challenging, even daunting? It can be. But again, having experienced multiple healing programs now, the process is so worth it because the outcome can have generational ripples for your family and others.

Email me personally at: for a private one on one chat and we will go from there.

May you experience all of God's best for your New Year, New Life! Sylvia

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