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Mother's Day

*Trigger alert for disturbing image below*

Mother's Day is such a beautiful observance! A national witness to the miracle that is conception, pregnancy, birth and childrearing. We need to extol, confirm and yes, celebrate on more than one day a year all that Motherhood entails Sadly, the second Sunday of the month is all that we get...

However, for some odd reason, Motherhood is currently under attack in our country like never before. As some sisters and I from the Whole Life Project discussed yesterday, it seems that our increasingly narrowed focus on "I" and not "we" has elevated the childless woman above all else. Bizarre talk of being forced to carry a child; that childbirth is a dangerous and life-threatening endeavor; that being a mom means total denial of self; that career advancement and Motherhood are anathema; that being impoverished means you don't have any of the necessary tools to raise a successful child; that being single automatically means your child is headed towards incarceration.

Basically, that God himself, the maker and creator of ALL things is NOT sufficient enough of a sovereign to see our children to their planned purpose and destiny.