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A new friend of Arise Daughter, Serena Dyksen, heard the call from God for pro-life "boots to be put on the ground" in Jackson, Mississippi. God's daughters were to assemble at the "Pink House" in Jackson, the last abortion clinic in the state and the center of the Dobbs versus Jackson Women's Health Organization Supreme Court Case which is to be decided next month. The decision given in the Court could very well outlaw the State sponsored "right" to take the life of children in the womb.

Serena, Founder of She Found His Grace Ministry, was given very specific instructions in a vision to bring together an army of post-abortive women to wage war in the heavenlies against the forces of darkness reigning at the Pink House. She knew who, she knew how and she could discern some of the why of what God was asking of her. In her obedience, she began to contact the women on her God-given list.

One of those women was me. And in my flesh, my first response to her was, "if God wanted me to go to Mississippi I think He would have told ME!" I am a bit embarrassed now to say how quickly I set that request aside. You see, I have earthly reasons for not wanting to ever go to Mississippi. My father, who was born DEEP in the state of Alabama--who had memories of demeaning share cropping and unimaginable prejudice all around him-- once made the decision to possibly die in World War II rather than accept a government sponsored job in Mississippi that would have exempted him from service. Such was the reputation of Mississippi among African Americans. Mississippi was a state that publicly exalted it's lynchings and other terror tactics against black people. My father tried to inoculate the whole family against Mississippi simply to keep us safe; and in my case it definitely worked. That is until April 11-13 of this year.

My flesh felt justified in saying, "No" to Mississippi. However, my spirit stayed in an open posture that I didn't resist. As the date approached I found myself beginning to make plans to travel. I got the courage to tell my husband and when his only objection was the potential for tornados then I knew God was taking the reigns of my fearful heart. I contacted Serena, told her my reservations, asked her a few questions and then told her I was in! She sent me video of some of the "scare tactics" used by the patient escorts to intimidate pro-life advocates and my first reaction was, "is that all they got?" Serena spoke over me and said, "I think you are supposed to take back the ground of your ancestors."

I began to feel emboldened by God and I booked us into a hotel that was directly across the street from the abortion clinic. I began to feel like there was nothing that was going to keep me from the battle ground and that included me falling flat on my face and massively injuring my right knee April 10th.

God brought His army of 18 together and I and my husband became a part of something much bigger than ourselves. You see, God's vision was to be fulfilled. What came about was an out pouring of healing from Holy Spirit on each team member, clinic staff members, patient and other pro-life champions. Demons fled, babies lived, fresh allegiances were forged, and God was magnified throughout those three days. A new movement was begun: headed up by Tori Shaw from Not Forgotten Ministry to give voice to abortion regret testimonies.

I am not naïve: Babies died physically and Mom's died spiritually within those Pink House walls that day too. I know because I rode the roller coaster of exaltation and incredible sadness along with my Sisters as we watched the young women come in afraid and leave hollowed out. I watched my husband stand strong as a 'silent witness' to the men who brought, dropped off and then later picked young women up. And I also know that had I kept to my, "NO," make no mistake, God would have raised up someone else in my place to do battle. But just like God spared those three babies and their Mom's, He also spared me from a time of regret that would have left me so much poorer in Spirit and less effective for the Kingdom.

I know that just like God called me in January to the Planned Parenthood in Washington D.C. to pray and speak and now Jackson Women's Health Organization, He is calling me to other death chambers namely in Ohio and Michigan this year alone. Can I get a good "Amen" for fighting back fear, following the Lord and being obedient to His call?!

My word this year is "Dependence." May we continue to depend upon Him for every move of our lives from In Jesus' mighty name, Amen.

Much love, Sylvia My Jackson, Mississippi Testimony

My Poem "Mississippi"

I stand here now

light and loose

because my people

hung from a noose

fashioned by Supremicists

Eugenicists, obtuse

And really, all the same.

There are no winners

at this pink house

Only sad mommas

tragically losing out

On their precious children

Who will, no doubt

Haunt their brains.

What will it take

For someone to hear

The frightened cries,

The muffled tears,

The strangled murmurs

Of all the years

Of innocent refrains?

Pharaoh is scared,

"They grow too STRONG!

We look to them now

Can this go on?

Quietly, murder them

Don't call it wrong."

And we played the game.

Now we are caught

We didn't see

The trick being played

The trick was on me.

But now? I stand

With God's authority

No longer lame.

I take back ground

Ours to possess

What's lost is found

No time to rest.

We've come back strong!

No more a mess

To claim our fame.

by Sylvia Blakely, April 14, 2022

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