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What a weekend! One set aside to remember and memorialize the sacrifices made on the civil war battlefield on our behalf. It is a time to gather as a nation and not just assemble but to, in somber remembrance, think on the many lives lost in service to the ideal of a free America.

As we gather with loved ones this weekend, I pray we reflect upon those who sacrificed their lives for freedoms they themselves would never experience. Memorial day should be about honoring lives given in the hope that the legacy left would be one that uplifted a whole nation, not just a few. We should all feel better off or else, what was the sacrifice for?

So, as we pause at 3pm on Monday, May 30th for one minute of silence, may we never forget the founding principles and ideals of this nation and that they are still worth fighting for.

Much love, Sylvia and the Arise Daughter team!

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