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"Matters of the Heart"

The title, "Matters of the Heart" speaks to two items near and dear to my own heart. The first is our February featured Arise Artist Alexandra Stewart's painted interpretations of what was stirring in her heart during the early months of COVID 19. As she was drawn into the pandemic, she was able to let her own illness experience inform her art as it was speaking to her core. What emerged is a very powerful series of works that Arise Artists are proud to showcase and celebrate this coming Thursday at 7pm. "Alex", as we affectionately call her, has her artistic passion rooted and grounded in a deep love of the sustaining power of God. She says she is happy to be a part of Arise Artists which has the potential to continually 'water' her creative gifts from God--and we, in turn are GRATEFUL that she has chosen to deposit her talents with us!! Join us THIS THURSDAY, February 11th at 7pm on Zoom, Meeting ID: 813 5072 0943 for a rousing evening of presentation, interpretation and discussion. Please RSVP on the main Arise Daughter page so that I can prepare enough snacks!

The second item is of vital importance to the unborn and their families. Protect Human Life Florida is spearheading an effort to place a "heart beat" amendment into the Florida constitution the next election cycle. Petitions are going out RIGHT NOW so that all registered voters who stand in the gap for the unborn can help codify their protection. We've often said that each state is going to have to move forward with life protecting legislation; and it looks like Florida is now on board. Would I have liked the proposed ammendment to include the lives of all image bearers? YES. But this is a wonderful start to begin to recognize that the innocent need a voice. Click the link above and as long as you are a registered voter in the state of Florida, you can sign the petition right online.

Much love until next time. I will see you all on Thursday and I pray you find a way to speak for the sanctity of life!


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