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Major League Dad Vibe

Dear reader, I am cautiously optimistic that today you might be willing to take a break from READING and, instead, spend 50 minutes or so LISTENING to my interview with Gary Freeman, Founder of the ministry, "Major League Dad" on our YouTube channel, "Celebrate Life." (By the way, please "LIKE" and "SUBSCRIBE" to our channel. Please!).

Gary and I had the awesome opportunity to chat a year ago now and I am happy to report that his ministry is still going strong! In fact, just the other day I received an email from Gary who remains passionate about securing resources needed by new dads. These are single fathers who, quite naturally, are doubting their ability to solo parent. God leads them to Gary and Gary leads them to generous people like us. If you are so inclined to donate, you can learn more about his organization at:

Many blessings and much love to dads. Sylvia.

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