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More than Clumps of CELLS:

More Beauty Than the Heart Can Hold.

Do you think I'm beautiful? Will you let me live? What would it take for you to see my beauty? A beauty that has been unfolding since conception inside of your womb. Not simply what a fancy camera or an ultrasound wand can show you but my REAL beauty.

Will you wait until you can hold me in your arms? Feel my soft and impossibly small fingers squeeze yours? Will it be when you can marvel at my seemingly random yawns and smiles? Or will it be after my first feeding when I let out a soft poot that I know will make you giggle?

Will it be after the scientists and ethicists and philosophers agree that I am real? Or will it come as a heart roar from the Creator Himself that speaks to you about what you've always known.

Why wait to appreciate the sheer miracle that I already am? Even now, I am uniquely all that God intended. I am one of a kind. I have never been before nor will I ever be again and yet, I am eternal. I am something of great value. Right. Now. My worth isn't attached to my location, size or hue. It's not even attached to your readiness to acknowledge my worth.

 I am at conception and ever thus will be until my final breath...and even then, I will go on throughout eternity as my truest self. And with God's blessing, I will meet you again in heavenly spaces.

I am simply and irreducibly, me.

What more can I say? What else can I bring? Is nine months of hopeful anticipation as you feel me grow inside of you not enough? How about at least a decade of wonder as you watch my personality blossom? Yes, there will be a quick bout of teenage willfulness thrown in here and there but then we both, with arms outstretched, will meet each other in this sweet space of mutual friendship that will last our lifetimes; a place of endless opportunities to express an irrepressible love.

I will ever thus be yours and you will ever thus be mine. We were inextricably bound together you and I, at conception. Allow me the privilege and honor to see your unique beauty unfold as you too age to your natural conclusion.

We are both a wonderful expression of God are we not?. Let us live out our beautiful lives in unbreakable togetherness. Let me live and I will do the same for you!

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