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It's Time to Process...

It's been almost a year since Arise Daughter set off on God's big adventure for us and, whew! it has truly been a joy ride! God did all the work and, to quote my coach, I got to have a front row seat. Our official one year anniversary is November 1st and I promise to write a special blog recapping our first God-blessed year. But, until then, Arise Daughter will be on sabbatical until January 2022. What I am learning from workers who have been on the harvest field awhile is that there needs to be time built into healing ministries where you intentionally "Refresh". So, with that in mind, Arise Daughter's meeting schedule will resume in January. I ask for those partners who have been earnestly praying for us since our launch to continue to pray for discernment, supernatural strength, spiritual health for our core team and a renewed commitment to harvesting the part of God's field we have been assigned.

There will continue to be many things happening behind the scenes such as our book club, conferences in November and December, developing new partnerships, working one on one with clients etc. After all, God never stops working!

If you have spoken as a guest, lent a listening ear, prayed, attended a "Refresh" meeting or Artists workshop, supported a team member, produced a piece of merchandise or generally cheered us on, we at Arise Daughter are eternally grateful.

Enjoy the gorgeous Fall season and continue to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @arisedaughterfl as well as our YouTube channel and on Spotify (both under Arise Daughter).

May God continue to bless, hold and keep you in the weeks and months to come!


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