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It's Our First Birthday!

Arise Daughter officially turns one year old today and I just couldn't let this milestone birthday pass by without a few 'shout outs!'

First and foremost, to our Heavenly Father for ever so gently sending Holy spirit to nudge me out of my comfort zone, seek healing for my abortion and then constantly helping me with this ministry. The vision You provide sustains me beyond my wildest dreams!

Next, I'd like to say a hearty "Thank you" to Healing Grace and Debbie Hamby and her team for taking my call and setting me on my freedom journey. You were my safety net and the genesis for Arise Daughter.

My Sisters at Divinely Driven Ministry have stood beside me from the very beginning to help mentor my entrance into the ministry of helping women and I will always be grateful for their friendship, prayers, financial support, you name it! I love them to life!

To every relative and friend who heard my story and did not condemn me, I say, thank you. To those who did and may still do, I send you nothing but peace and God's blessings.