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Is Rape THE Exception?

My friend Serena Dyksen, author and founder of "She Found His Grace" ministries, is the keynote speaker for this year's Illinois March For Life on Tuesday, March 21st (Please keep her in prayer; It's a big deal!)

A little bit of background on her.

Serena was raped at 13 and forced to have an abortion. She desperately wanted to keep her child despite how it was conceived but her voice was silenced by those who thought they knew best. As she recounts her story, she was traumatized twice as the forced abortion only added insult to injury. She was deeply wounded which later affected other areas of her life like her marriage and her ability to parent subsequent children. She wrote a book about her ordeal and started a ministry to help post-abortive women heal as well as new moms in crisis pregnancies parent effectively.

Serena's testimony is the platform God is using to speak up for rape victims who want to keep their children and against voices that speak to abortion as a solution to rape.

Tweet this: Abortion does not undo a rape but can further traumatize the woman.