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Invest ONE hour...

This REALLY EXCITING thought crossed my mind this morning: what if everyone affected by an abortion who has experienced healing reached out to take the hand of just ONE other person who hasn't? We often say that the ripple effect of the actual abortion negatively affects people in an ever widening circle. What if the HEALING could radiate out in the same way EXCEPT with an even more POWERFUL and INTENTIONAL mandate? Picture us walking hand in hand in Love, Compassion and Understanding toward true Freedom. Invest ONE hour of your time into exploring what that journey might look like for you as you continue to heal AND invite others along. On TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY evenings there are times set aside just for YOU to see how to MAP OUT your healing journey and set G.O.A.L.s Book a 30 minute time slot on those days between 3pm and 6pm EST: we can chat via phone, email, Zoom, WHATEVER you are comfortable with. Together, we can make what was meant for evil into something that produces nothing but good; not only for ourselves but for others in our circle as well!

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