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Arise Artists is pleased to host Ms. Liz Miller Esq. this Thursday, July 21st at 7pm on Zoom. Liz, founder and CEO of International Organization for Stopping Exploitation of Women or IoSEW will be our Salon speaker and artist. Liz is a lawyer by education but a protector by nature (hence her email name, "Archangelorum"). She is a fierce and fearless agent for the Lord!!

I met Liz at the March for Life in Washington D.C. right after I'd delivered my poem "Decades" outside of the Museum of African American history. I felt an immediate kinship with her which I think stemmed in part from knowing that we both served vulnerable women in horrible situations who were often left to live with the awful consequences alone.

When you work to help God heal people you bond with others who do the same.

But it wasn't until a couple of months later when we reconnected that I discovered that Liz was also an artist! That, needless to say took our connection to another level and provided Holy Spirit inspired insight into how our two ministries might build a bond.

As some may know, there is an intersection between human trafficking and forced abortions. The parallels between the multimillion dollar industries may not seem apparent at first blush but the evil behind them is very much the same. To learn more, may I be so bold as to direct you to the movie, "Trafficked" from 2017 (*trigger alert!) The movie tells the story of unsuspecting young women being forced into slavery in the international sex trade. Three young women from India, Nigeria and th