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Healing Through Facebook

Facebook gets a bum rap for a lot of things right? Fake news, fake manicured lives, crass jokes etc. But, what if we could harness it's potential for intimate connection and socialization as a way to further the healing gospel? Aren't you curious to know how to more fully use Facebook as a healing tool? Join us THIS THURSDAY at 7pm for our "Refresh" meeting and find out how Ms. Jeannie Pittam manages to do just that through PATH: Post Abortion Healing and Transformation. Jeannie will share with you her INCREDIBLE journey from being technologically naive to expertly using private Facebook live sessions for Post-abortion healing studies that touch and heal women around the globe.

Arise Daughter is EXCITED to share what PATH is doing as a way to encourage many in the abortion recovery ministry to STAY THE COURSE with any online studies that were put in place last year as the result of COVID.


Zoom became our new best/worst friend in the fight to stay connected and keep the important healing work of Holy Spirit going (I started my healing journey in person but ended it in a Zoom room). And as miraculously as we saw Holy Spirit move in those months, many of us are ready to through in the "virtual meeting" towel and go back to "business as usual" with in person meetings only. If the COVID year showed us anything it's that God can use ANY connection to heal His people and spread the Gospel. In my humble opinion I think it is important to not only continue with online healing modalities but to EXPAND upon them for future ministry opportunities.

If we face new facts, there will be a whole new cadre of women coming who will have neve